Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 13 - 17: Strasbourg Miscellany

Here are some pictures I like which didn't make it into any of the earlier posts:

Daisies at the rest stop on the Autoroute A4
The biggest dandelion I have ever seen (also at the rest stop)
Gathering storm clouds over Strasbourg; first evening
A Mallard resting next to the Ill in la Petite France
Fancy shoes for the wedding
The European Court of Human Rights (taken at the tram stop on our way to the reception)
Flowers in the Orangerie Park
A stork flying overhead; Parc de l'Orangerie
Another view of the hotel terrace
Terrace tables set for breakfast
A linden tree (tilleul) in full bloom, near Véronique and Patrice's apartment (where Audrey and Thomas will live when his parents leave for 18 months in Gabon in August) 
A decorated wall, seen from the street after the boat ride
The book market we passed on our walk home from the Jardin Botanique

An organ grinder
The front of the Adagio
Yet another Adagio terrace view (It was so pretty that I kept taking pictures of it!)

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