Thursday, June 20, 2013

Making Lasagne in Rueil-Malmaison

When I was here in 2010, I made spinach lasagne. I remember scouring the cheese shops of Rueil for ricotta and ending up having to use fromage blanc (French "white cheese"). This time, Brigitte already had the ricotta, mozzarella, and frozen spinach; Ch and I bought the pasta and tomato sauce at the Franprix in Rueil the other day. (When I lived here 40 years ago, I never managed to find lasagne noodles, so things have changed for the better.) This morning I constructed the lasagne, and we baked it tonight, but we will eat it on Friday, our final night in Rueil.
Onions and garlic frying, other ingredients at the ready
In France we have found only balls of fresh mozzarella, which do not melt like American mozzarella.
Frozen chopped spinach looks like green bullets until it melts!
Mix spinach, onions, garlic, ricotta, and an egg; I couldn't find the grater, so I chopped up the mozzarella.
Building the layers
I hope it tastes good!

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  1. The lasagne was a hit! It tasted pretty much like it does when I make it at home. Success!