Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 19, Day 12: Rain, Sun, and Rain Again

We awoke to the sound of heavy rain. Brigitte and Jean-Marc had already left for work. We had a leisurely morning at home (I worked on the Strasbourg posts!) and when it cleared up, at about 11:30, we went for a walk in Rueil. This time, we went in the other direction; away from the town center to the Seine. There is a walking/jogging path there, very pretty. This place is known to have inspired many of the impressionist painters. We walked downstream towards Rouen and Le Havre about 45 minutes and then returned home by way of the train station.

I took these photos on our walk.

In the afternoon, we visited Brigitte's brother Michel in Garches, not far from Rueil. When we arrived, the weather was perfect; we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze. But it did not last; we left in a downpour. Raymonde drove us home through immense puddles and down streets that resembled rivers.  Happily, everyone returned home safely.

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