Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 15, Day 7: The Wedding

Audrey and Thomas were married today at the old Strasbourg City Hall. This was the reason we came to France!
Audrey's family and friends walk from the Adagio to the Place Broglie, where the old City Hall is located.  We all (the bride included) gathered in the square until it was time to go in. It was a perfectly gorgeous day!
Thomas, Audrey, and their four witnesses stand before the vice mayor, who performed the ceremony. Note the gilt decor and crystal chandeliers in the mirror!
Nuptial Kiss . . .
. . . and another one!
Man, wife, and Vice Mayor pose after the ceremony.
And the witnesses too.
Leaving the City Hall
Outside in the courtyard after the ceremony
Leaving in grand style for the reception

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